Shifters for Cyclocross, Gravel, Touring, Audax
and your daily Urban Assault.

Typical integrated road shifters are super for race bikes and even do well for most general riding but when your environment is more challenging there is another option. Gevenalle shifters are born out of a necessity for a better shifter for the most grueling of competition. Designed for the harsh conditions of Cyclocross our shifters also make a stellar match for any bike you build that will take you past the end of the road.

Latest Testimonials


When I started back riding it was with Shimano 105. When that groupset finally died I moved up to Ultegra. I racked up miles and service bills until the time came to upgrade again. Dura Ace? Nope. Gevenalle. I can count the parts on one hand and fix it with the other. Not that I’ve needed to fix anything but adjusting shifters and brakes is a whole lot easier when you can see how everything works. Recommended for those more interested in getting and keeping their bike on the road rather than in the workshop!

Simon Clement Australia


The Shimano 105 that came w the bike and subsequent Ultegra shifter set both failed after some ground time (crash). Anything would be better and Gevenalle wound up being much better. No issues even after some minor mishaps.

I use these on my 2x11 gravel bike with TRP Spyre brakes. The brakes work better with these levers than they did with the Shimano.

Fingertip shifting in all conditions. Tough enough to take a hit or 3. Reasonable price and great crash repair policy!

Wayne Rosenthal Bakersfield, CA


They have been reliable in tough CX atmospheres

Simple, easy to use, reliable, durable, affordable

Gevenalle 1x shifters are by far and away the best for cyclocross and adventure bikes. They are super durable and easy to use during intense on-the-hoods rides and I can never go back now

Andrew Yeager CA


I was working on my drop-bar Pugsley today and it dawned on me that I needed to share a great durability story. Back in October, I races The Filthy 50, a 50-mile gravel grinder in southern Minnesota. We had snow and 28°F, tough conditions for riders and bikes. I was so happy to have no mechanical issues while watching friends struggle with shifting problems. My Genevalle shifted worked flawlessly; and helped me finish as second in the fat bike division.

Chris Nelson MN


Never again find yourself coming up to a stoplight on a steep hill and having to pump the brifter like you are bailing out a life boat, with a simple flick you can dump as many gears as you need and they will drop away immediately.

The hoods are more comfortable than any other bike I have tried and the break pull is firm and responsive. Quick changes of gears means less struggling to keep a good cadence and a more enjoyable ride.


Duncan Newberry Eugene Oregon USA


I was amazed by the turn around time on the hydraulic 12-speed shifter. I had the new brakes+shifter installed less than a week after I pressed submit order. 

Thanks for an awesome upgrade to my gravel bike, just in time for CX season.
There's something beautiful about the simplicity of this shifter. It feels like hopping back in manual transmission car after years putting around in an automatic. 
Ryan Cooper

“The GX shifters offer the control of indexed shifting at your fingertips, but it takes a bit to get used to. By “a bit” I mean like 15 seconds. It’s simple, really. Want to dump your cassette? Just swipe. No hassle, nothing. I am sold on their application for touring or even commuter bikes. They’re easy to setup, require very little maintenance and most importantly, they shift precisely!”

John Watson

cx Mag

“Now that CXM tester Clifford Lee and I have spent several months on the levers, we have much more specific impressions about them. We absolutely love the shifting and find that we can execute every rear shift easily from the hoods."

Andrew Yee


“So, yeah….they work for me. Really well. You know, I could take them off tomorrow and bin ’em easily since I have plenty of idle STI levers now! So you know I must think highly of them, and I do.”

Mark Stevenson

Riding Gravel

“Shifting performance has been fantastic.  You get a nice solid, but not alarming, clunk with each indexed click for the rear.  One advantage of the system is that you can sweep the entire cassette (in either direction) with one motion.”

Nick Burklow

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Need a hand deciding on which model is right for you?

Our shifters will work with a number of different derailleur and brake types. Click on the model name below to get an explanation of which derailleurs and brakes it will work with. Match those up with your particular derailleur and brakes and you are all set. If you have any concerns just contact us, we are here to help!


You have a derailleur that is compatible with Shimano 9, 10 or 11 speed road shifters (this includes older Shimano 9 and 10 speed MTB derailleurs) and you are using cable actuated brakes: Select CX.


You have a derailleur that is compatible with Shimano's newer 10 and 11 speed MTB shifters (M8000 or M9000 for example) and you are using cable actuated brakes: Select GX.


You have a Shimano Alfine 8sp internally geared hub and you are using cable actuated brakes: Select UX.


You have a derailleur that is compatible with Shimano 9, 10 or 11 speed road shifters or Shimano's newer 10 and 11 speed MTB shifters or even a Shimano Alfine 8sp internally geared hub and you want hydraulic braking: Select Hydraulic.


You want friction shifting or you have your own Shimano 7, 8, 9, 10 or 11 speed bar-end or down-tube shift levers you would like to use on our levers: Select AUDAX.

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