Combat'ability - Getting Bike Parts To Work Together

Grab a Beer this might be Entertaining

Getting different bike company parts (or even same at times!) to work together is often more mystery than simple mechanics. Lucky for you many bike mechanics fueled by good beer like to actually spend their wee sleepless hours on just such a topic and so we have some answers for you. Not to mention Gevenalle is pretty much in the business of making things work where they did not before.

Thankfully This Can Be Broken Down To A Simple(ish) Chart!

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If your particular component is not listed please note:

Our shift levers are 1 for 1 compatible with existing models on the market. Shimano MTB 10, 11, 12, SRAM 11, 12, Shimano Road 9. 10. 11, Microshift Advent 9 will operate as would the same shift lever from that manufacturer. If for example you want to know what derailleurs will work with our GX (MTB) Shimano 11 speed shift lever you can simply check to see what derailleurs work with a Shimano MTB 11 speed shift lever.

Shimano MTB 10 speed and Advent X (10 speed) are the same compatibility

Shimano 10 and 11 speed GRX both use an 11 speed shift lever to operate. If you need a shift lever for 10 or 11 speed GRX select an 11 speed Shimano Road shift lever.

Cassettes choice is of no consequence to the shift lever, only that the cassette chosen is compatible with the derailleur you are using. The shift lever cares not how big the cassette is :)


Or just ride an OM friction shifter from us and be done with it!