AUDAX – Shifting Systems with Friction Shifters or available without shift levers.


If you are looking for reliability, durability, simplicity and the peace of mind that you won’t be let down on your next AUDAX or Reliability Trial then this is where you start.  Our integrated shifters loaded with Dia-Compe friction shift levers.  This is as simple and maintenance free as it gets.

Purchase without Dia-Compe levers if you want to use some of your own shift levers – Compatible units include Shimano 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 speed bar-end and down-tube shifters.

Our original product! These now carry our GEVENALLE and original “”RETROSHIFT”” branding. Ride with pride!

Available with or without shift levers with SILVER brake levers. Also available without shift levers with BLACK brake levers.

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Industry Quotes:

“While it is extremely difficult to imagine anything damaging these shifters other than a head-on crash into a wall, if you do managed to break them they can be rebuilt good as new for just $34. How’s that for a crash-replacement policy!” – Adam Newman, Bicycle Times

Perhaps better known as Randonneuring in the USA, AUDAX shifters are built for the loooooong haul.

Our original and simplest RETROSHIFT friction only shifting system. When you are riding alone and unsupported with no pretensions of racing and understand that a steel frame is worth its weight in gold then this is the shifter for you. Mile after mile AUDAX shifters will continue to serve you long after others have run out of juice or just plain frozen between gears. When simply better is better, AUDAX shifters are simply the best.

STANDARD ROAD BRAKE PULL – compatible with traditional road road brakes – road calipers and cantilevers and road disc brakes and mini-v brakes.


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Black without Shift Levers, Silver, Silver without Shift Lever