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We will do whatever we feel necessary to protect your shops ability to make a living by providing customers with exceptional products and services. If you see our products advertised at a discount rate please notify us and we will contact the offending party. If prices are not held at MSRP/MAP then the ability to purchase them from us or our distributors will cease.

Now you can provide

Drop bar integrated shifters for Shimano MTB derailleurs.
A winning combination for gravel.

Integrated sifters for updating any customers older
5, 6, 7, 8, 9 speed bikes. Index or friction!

Race proven cyclocross systems. Strong, Light & FAST.

Durable & Dependable and should they ever be broken - Serviceable!

The best drop bar shifting systems for Shimano Internal Hubs.

Protect your industry

All items purchased must be advertised at no less than MSRP/MAP.

All items must be sold directly in store or via your company web site. No items to be sold via 3rd party sellers. Such sellers include but are not limited to Amazon, ebay and Craigslist.

Orders will only be shipped directly to your confirmed store location.

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