GX Shifters for
Wide Range

GX – Compatible with Shimano Dyna-Sys, SRAM MTB, Microshift & Advent Derailleurs


GX Shifters are sold as pairs and are compatible with Shimano 10 or 11 Speed Dyna-Sys Mountain Bike derailleurs.

For Advent X compatible shifters select ‘ 10 Speed Shimano MTB’.


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Industry Quotes:

“The GX shifters offer the control of indexed shifting at your fingertips, but it takes a bit to get used to. By “a bit” I mean like 15 seconds. It’s simple, really. Want to dump your cassette? Just swipe. No hassle, nothing. I am sold on their application for touring or even commuter bikes. They’re easy to setup, require very little maintenance and most importantly, they shift precisely!”. – John Watson, The Radavist.

“all worked perfectly. Did I say perfectly? Yes. Yes, I did. Fast, crisp shifts up front with manual trim…a thing of beauty.” – Tyler Benedict, Bike Rumor.

Drop Bar Integrated Shifters for Shimano Dyna-Sys MTB Derailleurs?


We heard your call for a drop bar integrated shifter that would work for Shimano’s newer Dyna-sys mountain bike derailleurs. You wanted the perfect shifter for gravel and touring bike builds that would work with the brakes of your choice and the gearing of your choice. You had to have what you wanted, not simply to choose from what was available…

Now you can choose the gearing of your choice, right up to an 11- 46 (current max for Shimano derailleurs, but 50T possible with some aftermarket cogs: OneUP Components 50T Kit to make sure your adventures are limitless.

Add to this the ability to switch the rear shifter from index to friction in the event of a damaged derailleur hanger or other such incident and you now truly have a system tough as the path you choose.

Left shift mount and shifter can be removed for 1X set up.
Rear shifter can be switched to friction mode if needed.
Covered by our superb $34 crash re-build service*
Ship with quality ‘slick black’ coated shift cables.


*See ‘Repair Service’ TAB on support page