OM – Compatible with pretty much anything!


OM ‘One Mount’ will work with pretty much ANY shift levers you want to put on them. Another stab in the heart to this industries incompatibility sins!

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Order Short Bolts on Parts Page if you will mount Microshift levers to the OM’s.


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Our newest version. The OM 'One Mount' system replaces the CX, GX, UX and AX with a newly designed mount that now will accept a far wider range of levers.

OM's will work with all of our current Gevenalle shift levers, as well as all current stock Microshift levers and Shimano 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 speed down tube and bar end levers. On top of this you can mount most any old lever you have on hand that was designed to fit on down tube mounts.

The OM option with included shift levers comes in two versions. One mounted with the new Dia-Compe MTB friction levers for newer Shimano and Sram MTB derailleurs that require more pull than those of years past. The other with the same Dia-Compe Road friction levers we spec'd on the Audax which will work with most anything else.

Thumb your nose at the industries incompatibility issues and ride away!

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