CX – Compatible with Shimano Road Derailleurs


CX Shifters are sold as pairs. Shimano Road Compatible and come complete with shift levers. If you are looking for sets to use your own compatible shift levers on please select the AUDAX option from the main shifter page.


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Industry Quotes:

“Now that CXM tester Clifford Lee and I have spent several months on the levers, we have much more specific impressions about them. We absolutely love the shifting and find that we can execute every rear shift easily from the hoods.” – Andrew Yee, CX Magazine.

“Shifting performance has been fantastic.  You get a nice solid, but not alarming, clunk with each indexed click for the rear.  One advantage of the system is that you can sweep the entire cassette (in either direction) with one motion.”
“The front shifting is friction based, and with the derailleur limits set correctly, it is the best front shifting performance I have ever had.” – Nick Burklow, Bike

“So, yeah….they work for me. Really well. You know, I could take them off tomorrow and bin ’em easily since I have plenty of idle STI levers now! So you know I must think highly of them, and I do.” – Mark Stevenson, Riding

Building up a touring bike or commuter with one of so many still available and excellent Shimano Road Compatible MTB derailleurs then this will likely be your your first choice of shifter.

Our original and go to shifter, stunning speed, durability and lighter weight than a set of Ultegra!

100% Shimano Road compatible so will work with our derailleurs or a Shimano Ultegra, Dura-Ace or 105.

Cable pull for brakes is standard road type – will work with road caliper, cantilever, road disc calipers (BB7R, Spyre etc) and shorter linear pull (TRP CX8.4 for example – less than 90mm pivot to cable).

CX2 comes as a pair of shifters and will work with a double or triple chainring.
CX1 also comes as a pair of shifters but left side lever does not have a shift lever mount as it is for single chainring set ups.

Right lever is index or friction selectable.
Left lever is friction.

Available in 9, 10 or 11 speed.

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