All of our hard work is worth nothing if it's not done for you.

Support is not an afterthought, its baked right into every product we make.

Providing neutral support at no charge at the largest races in the world, we might see 1500+ bikes roll by on any given Sunday and if the conditions are good (mud) we will see plenty in our tent for repair. This is where each of our products is conceived, as a solution to riders' desires to go not only faster but also to be able to finish the race.

In this section, you will likely find answers to many of your questions, if not then drop us an email or give us a call. There is little more we like than to provide solutions!


Our shifters are a new concept but the parts utilized are time tested.

The brake lever assembly will install just as you would expect and should pose no questions for you or your mechanic. These mount with a 5mm hex wrench.

Shift levers are also simple in attachment and adjustment with just a 4mm hex wrench.

Shift levers are available in 9, 10 or 11 speed for use with Shimano MTB or Road compatible drive-trains. Moving from 10 speed road to 11 speed road can simply be accomplished by purchasing an 11 speed shift lever from us and will take just minutes to swap out.

Our AUDAX units come with friction shift levers but can be purchased without shift levers if you would like to mount a set of your own Shimano bar-end or down-tube shift levers.

If you are using disc brakes, we recommend using good quality compression-less brake housing.


GX Short Pull Cable Threading Info

  1. Use a 4mm hex to push out pin on side of bake that holds lever into body.
  2. Remove lever being careful to remember how parts are held in place.
  3. Remove 2 bushings on either side of brake lever and the spring and plastic barrel between them.
  4. Use 4mm hex to push out quick release pin and plastic barrel holding it in from brake lever. Put these aside and DO not get this plastic barrel shaped object mixed up with other similar looking one that was held inside spring.
  5. Put one outer bushing back on side of lever, put spring with its plastic barrel inside lever (the part of the bushing that sticks into the space where these go will help hold it. Put bushing on other side on.
  6. Run brake cable through lower brake holder and then proceed to push through feeder hole in back of brake body.
  7.  Slide brake lever back into brake body from a lower position and upwards motion so that spring engages with screw head that holds it. 
  8. Push pin that holds brake lever into body back in place.
  9. With brake lever in fully pulled position drop plastic barrel that holds quick release pin into lever. Use a small pointy object to position this to line up with hole.
  10. Push quick release pin back in.

Sounds like a lot but can be done in under a minute with practice. 


Shift Levers

Modern shift levers have become quite complicated and can be sensitive to dirt and may need special care and conciderable time in maintenance.

Gevenalle shift levers are very simple by comparison and there is little to worry about with cleaning and general maintenance. Feel free to hose off as necessary and apply lube of your choice.


Like our shift levers derailleur main bodies will need little more than a good wash and application of your choice of lube on pivot points. Derailleur pulleys should be removed and cleaned when they begin to stiffen with dirt. It is always best to be proactive and do this sooner than later. Our FSA pulleys will need to be serviced less offten than the Shimano Ultegra units and our CX pulleys will need to be serviced even less often due to their advanced seals.


In recent years’ drivetrain and braking compatibility has become more complicated as it has become more capable to cover a wider range of riding styles. We have however been able to keep our offerings reasonably simple:

Derailleur Compatibility
Our derailleurs are all Shimano road compatible.

Shifter Compatibility
Our CX designated shift levers are all Shimano 9, 10 or 11 speed road compatible.
Our GX designated shift levers are all Shimano 10 or 11 speed MTB compatible.
Our UX designated shift levers are compatible with Shimano Alfine 8sp internal hubs.

HERE: Follow this link

Brake Compatibility
Our shift levers are available in a choice of short pull or long pull.
Short pull will work with: Caliper, Cantilever & Road Disc.
Long pull will work with: Linear-pull and MTB Disc.

Cap Compatibility
Our caps are 'one size fits all' and will fit most 'regular sized' heads.

Repair Service

Most of our products are serviceable and if destroyed can even be replaced at discounted fees (because we love you!).
No questioned asked repair costs (maximum – we will often try to accomplish for less).
All work done to provide 100% operational condition.

CX/CXV/AUDAX/GX – Complete repair/rebuild of a left or right shift lever: $34

Single Speed Levers – Complete repair/rebuild of a left or right shift lever: $12

CXH – Complete repair of a left or right shift lever: $74

BURD Rear Derailleur: $34 (covers all parts with exception of pulleys).
BURD Front Derailleur: $24

Need a repair? Click HERE

Brake something else not listed, give us a shout.
We are here to keep you rolling!


The Goats


Jay Gropen

Shift Lever Repair

Hi There Goat friend,
Sorry for the super belated reply, but Thank You very much for replacing, or serving my shifter!! The shifting  issue was completely solved when my shifter came back. Also, you shipped it back faster than I thought was possible. You rule and much thanks!! Kind Regards, Jay.
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