Well Used: Gevenalle GX Shifters for Mountain Bike Derailleurs
The Radavist

An Industry Take on Gravel Bike Shifters It wasn’t until I began to see the Gevenalle shifters on touring bikes that my interest was piqued. “Now that makes sense” I thought. Not running traditional road shifters on a touring bike is completely reasonable. The same can be said for barcons or downtube shifters. Why take your hand…

CX Magazine takes a Look at our Pulleys

Aftermarket derailleur pulleys. If you’ve been around a while, you’re probably in one of two schools of thought when thinking about rear derailleur pulleys. One school of thought is that derailleur pulleys is an area ripe for efficiency gains. Some might remember the Bullseye sealed bearing pulleys from a few decades ago, with NMB 6260 sealed cartridge…