Gearminded Chooses Gevenalle for Perfect Gravel Bike Build

Gevenalle GX2 Gravel Bike Shifters

The idea behind this gravel bike project was to build a machine that’s capable of tackling messy conditions that most road bikes wouldn’t touch. Oh yeah, it needs to bombproof, hand-crafted and overly simple to ensure that it’s equipped for long adventures; look no further than Gevenalle: “there are a host of excellent road parts available but when the road ends and the ride gets dirty there is only one set designed specifically for the task.” — Gevenalle

Why Gevenalle? When planning our gravel build we started with the concept that our riding environment will always be challenging. Shifters that are serviceable on the trail are also an invaluable feature for multi-day trips. We also wanted to outfit the bike with indexed shifting that was simple to use during the most grueling conditions. The Gevenalle GX2’s are the unicorn of the drop bar world; they are adaptable to nearly any setup you can imagine. Short-pull, long-pull, v-brake or disc, you name it these shifters won’t fail on you.

We chose to pair the Gevenalle GX2 shifters with a Shimano XT 1×11 rear derailleur and 11-42 cassette — the riding options have been limitless within reason so far. The drop bar integrated shifter for mountain components feels quite solid but not intrusive to your space on the hubs. And if you need to use a greater drop flare with a front rack or bag, these shifters provide adequate room. Furthermore, if we happen to smash the rear derailleur on a rock or tree, we can adjust the shifters to friction mode and ride on. From mud, sand and rain to ice and rocks, the Gevenalle GX2’s add a level of confidence that we need out on a ride.

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