CX shifters are a new concept but the parts utilized are time tested.   The brake bodies and levers function and install just as you would expect and should pose no questions for you or your mechanic.  Shift levers will require a little extra attention to detail starting with the choice of shift lever you will utilize.

Shifter Choice
Gevenalle CX cyclocross shifters are available in 9 or 10 speed  for use with Shimano compatible drivetrains.  You may also purchase bare units to utilize your own shift levers.  If you do this keep in mind that CX systems were developed in conjunction with Shimano 8, 9 and 10sp bar-end and down-tube shifters and will work great with these.  If you want to use a different shifter it may or may not work.  Please check our compatibility chart or contact if you are unsure.

Cables and Housing: Due to the cable routing used it is possible to get away with using standard or even older cable housings where a competitors system might not function properly without a more expensive cable set.  That said keeping your cables in good shape will only better your shifting experience.  Keep all cables and housing well lubed and clean and we also recommend as a matter of good practice replacing the short section of cable housing at the rear derailleur at the start of each ‘cross season.

Shifter Mounting
You have some options as to the angle that your shift levers start and end their travel.  We set up the system from the factory at a standard 45 degrees (same as our earlier not-so-adjustable model 0ne and tw0’s).


For a bar-end shifter triple set up mount front shift lever so that it starts outbound of brake lever to provide enough travel for shifting.  For a double chainring you will gain enough travel with it in the more downward start position.

For a Shimano down-tube set up you will need to follow info provided here for front shifter install.

It is possible to do more fine tuning of the system by adjusting the angle of the shift boss on the front of the shift widget with disassembly.  This is not hard to do (certainly easier with hands than hooves) but we still recommend leaving this to a qualified bike shop mechanic (no, not the sales guy! Keep heading to the back of the shop to the dirty guys covered in grease — dirt is knowledge!) Shop rate for a shift boss rotation is one six-pack. Cost will be more if system is already installed on bike and cables need to be pulled and run again.



Brand Model Compatible Note
Shimano BS7900 Yes Requires additon of one Shimano Flat Washer available in ‘Parts’. Mounting bolts are longer than stock with 7800 and will function ok but best if provided washers are used.
BS7800 Yes Requires additon of one Shimano Flat Washer available in ‘Parts’.
BS7700 Yes
BS-50 Yes
SL7900 Yes Mounting bolts are longer than were stock with 7700/7800 and will function ok but best if provided washers are used.
SL7800 Yes
SL7700 Yes Make sure you have flat washers. These commonly shipped with curved.
General Yes Most 7sp or above Shimano down-tube units will work if flat washers are used. Please take a look at this video for Shimano front down-tube lever installs.
Gevenalle ALL Yes Blue threadlock reccomended for install. Lighter and faster action than Dura-Ace.
Rivendell Silver Shifer Yes Recommend adjust both bosses to 0 degrees to better locate stop for comfort.
Campagnolo 10 or 11sp Campagnolo specific CX shifting system in the works
SRAM Any Sram specific shifting system not currently in the works but on future project list.

Note On Washers
Shimano shifters are designed to be used with a flat washer when installed on CX shifters.  These washers are available in the parts section of the store.  These are easy to swap out, no tools are required.

Most likely your Shimano shifters already have flat washers but you will need to make sure:

  1. Down-tube shifters, especially older ones, will often have ‘curved’ washers designed to mount up against a down-tube.  These will need to be replaced with a pair of Shimano standard flat washers.
  2. Bar-end shifters.  Take a look at the washers that come with your shifters.  If one of the washers is taller than the other you will need to replace the tall one with a standard flat washer.  This is the case with 7900 and 7800 units.


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