BURD Rear Derailleur


Shimano compatible derailleurs optimized for the mud and abuse of Cyclocross. Solid and proven mechanism with 25% higher chain tension to better hold chain in place for off road riding. Assembled with Phil Wood Grease and offered in three pulley options:

Good: Ultegra, Good quality benchmark performance.
Better: FSA Ceramic, Smoother running and a good step up.
Best: CX Pulleys, KOGEL Advanced CX Bearing Seals (www.kogel.cc) and Serviceable!


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If your derailleur should get broken for any reason just send it back to us and we will repair/replace as needed to get you running again. This derailleur re-build service is currently $34/rear and just $24/front and includes shipping within the USA. See Support page for details.


10 Speed version is Shimano 9 or 10 Speed Road Compatible
11 Speed version is Shimano 11 Speed Road Compatible
Total Capacity – 33T
Max Tooth – 28T (with double chainring or 32 with a single)

Rear Cyclocross Derailleurs

We start with a tough, durable no-nonsense road derailleur that works perfectly well for the road but then set about making it perfect for ‘cross.  Derailleur is disassembled and chain tension spring is adjusted to provide 25% more force.  This provides a big advantage in keeping the chain planted on your chaining when the course gets rough or mud build up might lift another bikes chain off the chainring.  Next we pack the units with good quality grease from the folks at Phil Wood and lastly and most importantly we install quality pulleys.

Pulleys Matter  We offer Shimano’s excellent Ultegra level pulleys just as a base point and two more better options – so you have to know we are serious about pulley quality to the overall derailleurs performance!   The result is a derailleur dialed for ‘cross.

BURD = Blatantly Upgraded Rebranded Derailleur.