A Look Back at our NAHBS 2016 SQUID BANANA BIKE!

NAHBS Is a Fun Time for New Equipment

NAHBS is always a blast! Have a quick look at the bike Squid Bicycle Co. put together for our last show.

“Want to run 1x with a Shimano mtb derailleur? 2x with a Shimano road or Gevenalle rear derailleur? Gevenalle has reliable shifter options for you.” NAHBS 2016. Cyclocross Magazine.

We will also be sure to have another super Squid bike at this upcoming NAHBS show!

Earlier we shared news of Gevenalle’s new 11-speed shifters designed to work with Shimano MTB rear mechanisms as well as their new urban shifter for use with Shimano’s Alfine 8-speed internal hub. The two new shifters give drop bar riders more choices as to how to outfit their bikes for how they ride.

We were excited to see all of Gevenalle’s offerings at NAHBS as the brand’s DIY ethos and premium on reliability speak to many of us here and we thought it worth another look at what we saw in Sacramento from the Portland, Oregon based brand.

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