Gevenalle HYDRAULIC: Getting Rolling

An update from Riding Gravel site on the CXH Hydraulic shifters install for testing

“Obviously, the Gevenalle HYDRAULIC system saves 100 grams over what I was using”… and “What about the BURD front derailleur? Well, that came out to be lighter as well weighing in at a paltry 68 grams versus the 11 speed Ultegra front derailleur at 110 grams.”

The Gevenalle HYDRAULIC set up is based upon the excellent TRP Hylex brakes. They are a direct retrofit for the brakes I was using, which ironically enough were TRP Spyre mechanical brakes. The rear rotor is smaller with the Hylex/Gevenalle set up, as the prevailing thought is that 140mm rear rotors provide more than enough leverage in cyclo cross events where traction is sparse anyway. I would also venture to say that this is true on many gravel roads as well. So this is not really a concern unless the bicycle is to be used on paved roads on long descents where heat build up might become a concern.

The system as sent by Gevenalle comes out of the box with front and rear brakes pre-bled and assembled to the levers. It is worth noting that the entire master cylinder assembly is a separate part of the lever so the lever can be serviced in the event of damage due to crashing or other failure. The master cylinder is pretty safe from damage. Gevenalle provides this service for about $74.00 per lever plus shipping. That seems reasonable enough and likely a lot less of a hit to the pocketbook should one have to replace a crashed damaged Shimano hydraulic lever.

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