TRP Hylex Conversion


Conversion kit for existing TRP Hylex brake owners. Kit includes all parts needed to convert your Hylex brakes to integrated shifters. New brake levers with single mount for 1X or two mounts for 2X options and shift lever(s) included for your particular derailleur type. Currently available for Shimano Road, Shimano Mountain and Shimano Alfine internal hubs in 8 speed.




Make your Hylex Shift!

If you have TRP Hylex hydraulic brakes you are already half way there! TRP is a small company compared to the likes of Shimano and SRAM but they also specialize in braking unlike the big guys and it shows! TRP Hylex are just a better brake and that is why we are thrilled to be able to now offer a conversion kit.


Running 10 speed now but might upgrade to 11 speed down the trail? No worries as this system is part of our CX shifting system the shift levers can be swapped to achive just that!

Crash Protected (Because cyclocross includes crashing)

Just like our regular shifters these come backed by a crash repair program. If you damage a shifter conversion kit just send it back and we will get them 100% operational and back to you (including shipping in the USA) for just $44/side. Gevenalle is not just durable but serviceable too!

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