Gevenalle Shift Levers


Wish you could upgrade a shifter from 9sp to say 11sp? Well with Gevenalle you can! Compatible versions include with Shimano road and MTB as well as SRAM MTB. Front levers are friction only and compatible with double or triple chainrings. Rear levers are indexed with option to switch to friction if needed. Sold as a single lever.
Before ordering please see important info in ‘DESCRIPTION’ below.



Shift levers made to our specification by Jerry, Vicky and the rest of the A team at Microshift in Taiwan.
NOTE: Microshift stock shift levers are not compatible with our CX, GX or UX systems.

These are super easy to replace if you want to upgrade from road 9 to road 11 speed for example or from a 10 speed MTB to an 11 or 12 speed MTB system.

PLEASE ALSO NOTE! CX and GX shift levers are not interchangeable – Road CX levers will only work on a Road CX mount and MTB GX shift levers will only work on a GX mount.

You can not mount a GX Shimano MTB or SRAM  MTB Shift lever on the CX (Shimano Road) Mounts.

UX and GX levers and mounts are interchangeable.

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