Repair Service


Select the Gevenalle model you need repaired below. Simply mail item to us with a copy of the receipt you will receive. We will mail your broken item back 100% operational ASAP. We generally do these on a same day turn around as we know you want to ride. It’s that simple. Our Mailing Info Below.

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Break something?

We are not surprised and we certainly don’t hold it against you.

We make parts for cyclocross and the very nature or the sport means it is expected that parts will get broken. Where we differ from our road bike making component competitors (SRAM, Shimano – yeah we’re talking about you!) is that we are here to do something about it, not just gloat that you have to buy a whole new set of shifters for $$$! Instead you can simply send the damaged item back to us and we get it rebuilt to 100% operational condition for a fraction of the cost of a new.

Select the repair service you need and then mail your item with your receipt information (address and order number, or simply print out receipt and include in box) to:

Gevenalle (I Hit a Yeti Dept.)
5104 NE 37th Ave.
Portland, OR 97211


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Repair Service

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