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Front Shifter Lever Upgrade


If you want to convert your single chainring bike to a double or triple chainring set up then this left side only shifter can be purchased to achieve this. Each of these is provided with a friction shift lever for front derailleur that will operate most any double or triple front derailleur. Brake levers are black and shift mounts are grey. Please note that due to variations in anodizing process that shift mount color might not match your existing shift mount exactly.




Hydraulic for any of our hydraulic systems.
Short Pull for Caliper, Cantilever, Mini-V and Road Disc.
Long Pull for Linear-Pull, V-Brakes and MTB Disc.

If you look on the back of your existing Gevenalle brake lever you may also find an:

‘RL520’ which specifies Long Pull

or ‘R200’ which specifies that levers are Short Pull.

Additional information

Cable Pull

Hydraulic Brake Systems, Long – For MTB Brakes, Long or Short Pull – Works with All Cable Pull Brake Types, Short – For Road Brakes

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