Prestige Edition


Cycling cap lovingly hand made in Portland, Oregon. None other like it (unless you should happen to run into another individual with equally exquisite tastes).

Not covered by our crash repair service. Not to be used as crash protection (use a helmet). Better than all other caps. Dog hair not included.



Oh the history that follows such a noble piece of cycling kit. The Prestige!

If we were to provide a cap with our mark we had to ensure it would be as authentic as possible. This meant bypassing the usual cap factories and going straight to the source, to the same place the greats such as Fausto Coppi, Jacques Anquetil and Gino Bartali would well have had theirs made. Their mothers!

Mum however said “sod off” so we had to find the next best alternative.

All caps cut and sewn by hand in Portland, OR with the utmost care and attention by Misia Pitkin of Double Darn.

You will not find better.