All City Space Horse Disc
By Josh Meissner


Following links down rabbit holes

Instagram has been a super doorway to many corners of the web. Today we came across an interesting post of a a super well spec’d All City Space Horse. Now we see a good few of these, they are great bikes and lend themselves well to good solid builds for the usual Cross, Gravel, Urban Assault or in this case Super Commuters. What was so unexpected and great about this picture however was where it took us. Following the link in the bio we landed on a blog site belonging to the owner of the bike, Josh Meissner.

Josh is currently living and blogging life with a focus on bikes in Berlin and we are thankful to him that he does. Photos and content are really special and provide a great look at life in another city. We really want to thank you Josh for the time and work (and obviously love) you put into this and hope there will be more to come. We will be back and recommend anyone reading this add this site to their watch list!

More on this particular build with notes from the builder here:

The site to bookmark is here:


p.s. Thx Josh. Some cool bottles, T-Shirt and Stickers have been mailed your way.


The Goats