Gevenalle CXH Integrated Shifter System
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Gevenalle HyroShift Levers with TRP Hylex Brakes

Portland, Oregon has a serious lack of off-road cycling opportunities close to town, so like many residents I’ve been spending a lot of time on a road bike during the week. Now that we’ve been back in the northwest for a while, I’ve been seriously contemplating building up a dedicated “Portland-bike” — a do-all, be-all commuter, dirt road adventuring, cross-capable multi-surface dropbar pavement machine. (Or whatever the industry is calling these bikes nowadays.)


The Kona Rove is a disc brake equipped cyclocross, touring commuting, do-it-all machine and I had a blast riding it.

Gravel road, adventure biking, light touring – whatever. But where to start? Looking to log some saddle time and try out a few options, I graciously accepted the loan of a Kona Rove titanium cross bike from our friend Adam, who just happens to be the proprietor of a Portland based components company known as Gevenalle.


The TRP open hydraulic system is completely integrated into the brake lever


Gevenalle offers an innovative take on components based on existing technology, rejiggered and repurposed for the abuse of cyclocross competition, or anything else you might think of throwing at (continues here…)