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    Cyclocross is hard on parts but it does not have to be hard on your wallet. Just like our shifters we wanted a rear derailleur that would offer more of the same you have come to expect from Gevenalle. Better performance, lower price and ability of service and repair.

    Now your options for rear derailleur just increased considerably! Choose from our BURD w/Ultegra pulleys or grab one with the best quality FSA ceramic pulleys. Best of all your BURD comes with something the competitors units do not have:

    SERVICE. If your unit should get broken for any reason at all just send it back to us and we will move your pulleys from your damaged unit to a new one! This derailleur re-build service is currently $34.


    The Importance of Pulleys

    There is nothing wrong with existing road derailleurs, it’s just that the price performance ratio does not match the conditions of cross. Top end derailleurs get treated to a snazzier looks and higher quality pulleys. Mid-range derailleurs get all the build quality you need to race but are given lower quality pulleys. Once covered in mud a derailleurs looks are not important but pulley quality is!

    View Photos of Derailleur Failures

    Pulleys themselves won’t kill your rear derailleur but lesser quality units will help the other factors of mud, leaves, corn husks, course tape or even a dollar bill send your rear derailleur crashing over your cassette and into your stays. With a BURD you get a solid well proven derailleur body and great pulleys!

    A Word On Chain Tension

    If you hadn’t noticed (perhaps due to pain of your saddle repeatedly pounding your prostate) Cross courses can be bumpy.  Ruts, Roots, Rocks, Re-mounts… they can certainly be called ‘R’ rated.  A road derailleur just does not have to deal with the same battering and so does not provide as much chain tension as you would like for Cross.  Our BURDS all get adjusted chain tension springs to provide the extra chain tension you need to make sure you have the best chance of keeping your chain secure.  This is great for your typical double chainring set up and extra valuable in conjunction with one of the new single chainring wide/narrow sets ups that we love!  (Google – Wolf Tooth Components).

    BURD = Blatantly Upgraded Rebranded Derailleur.


    BURD with FSA Ceramic Pulleys – $89
    BURD w/Ultegra Pulleys – $69
    Shimano 9 & 10 Speed Compatible

    Max cog 28T

    HOUP & BURD (BURD w/old brand name)