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    Cyclocross Derailleurs

    Cyclocross is hard on parts but it does not have to be hard on your wallet. Just like our shifters we wanted to offer derailleurs for cycloross that offer more of the same you have come to expect from Gevenalle. Better performance, lower price and ability of service and repair.

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    Rear Cyclocross Derailleurs

    We start with a tough, durable no-nonsense unit from Microshift that works as well as any, but then set about making it better.  Derailleur is disassembled and chain tension spring is adjusted to provide 25% more force.  This provides a big advantage in keeping the chain planted on your chaining when the course gets rough or mud build up might lift another bikes chain off the chainring.  Next we pack the units with good quality grease from the folks at Phil Wood and then we replace the pulleys.

    Pulleys Matter  We use Shimano’s excellent Ultegra level pulleys, or FSA’s incredibly smooth Ceramic units.  The result is you get a cyclocross derailleur built to the requirements of the job not one designed for the road. Without good pulleys and the extra chain tension you can end up with more of this – View Photos of Derailleur Failures –



     Front Cyclocross Derailleurs

    Our front cyclocross derailleur is built up from Microshift’s top of the line unit but instead of the aluminum and carbon road cage, we build with one that is perfectly suited for the muddy job at hand. It’s smaller to match the required chainrings and steel to make it super super stiff.  Shifting is sure and fast and noticeably quicker than a bigger more flexible road cage, and you will likely find yourself shifting between your two front rings more.

    … and Chain Guide

    Yes as good a chain guide as it is a derailleur.  Due to the super small size and stiffness of our cage this unit is also the best possible chain guide when needed.  If you are running a single chaining you really should be using a wide/narrow Wolf Tooth components chainring but if not you can get by with a regular chainring and our guide.  Unlike many guides, ours is super easy to set up and adjust with Min/Max adjustment screws allowing for pinpoint positioning of the cage.

    SERVICE If your derailleur should get broken for any reason just send it back to us and we will repair/replace as needed to get you running again. This derailleur re-build service is currently $34/rear and just $24/front and includes shipping within the USA.

    BURD = Blatantly Upgraded Rebranded Derailleur.


    10 Speed (Shimano Road/Sram/Campagnolo)
    Maximum Capacity – 14
    Top Gear Teeth – 48
    Chain Line – 43.5
    Clamp – 34.9 (and 31.8 with included adapter)
    Weight – 85g (braze-on)

    9/10 Speed Compatible (Shimano Road)
    Total Capacity – 33T
    Top Gear Teeth – 28
    Weight 193g