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    HOUP Cassette Spacers provide a safety margin between derailleur and spokes to lower likelihood of derailleur clashing with spokes.

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    • Custom machined cassette spacers designed specifically for purpose. 10 and 11 speed versions available.
    • 10 Speed Version compatible with Shimano 5700 and 6700 Cassettes.
    • 11 Speed version compatible with Shimano 6800 Cassettes (not yet tested with 5800 Cassettes).
    • Includes aluminum lockring to accommodate either 12T or 13T.
    • Titanium options includes replacement 3 ring spider with largest cogs: 10 Speed – 21-24-27T, 11 Speed – 23-25-28


    HOUP Cassette Spacers provide a more resilient drivetrain while additionally shedding weight.

    Gevenalle Cassettes

    Titanium Upgrade Option

    HOUP‘s are super affordable (we think the best $20 you can spend on your cyclocross bike) but if you want to go a little further with your bike spec then drop some weight from your cassette with one of our titanium 3-ring replacement cog sets.  Simply install in place of existing cogs for a fraction of the cost of a top level Dura-ace model for most all the weight savings.


    Simply place HOUP behind existing cassette. Remove existing lock ring and 11T cog and then secure cassette with provided alloy 12/13T lockring. Adjust derailleur limit screw to ensure chain now only moves as far as needed to reach lowest gear.


    • HOUP 10 Speed Spacer – $20
    • HOUP 11 Speed Spacer – $20
    • HOUP 10 Speed spacer with Ti 21-24-27 Spider – $85
    • HOUP 11 Speed spacer with Ti 23-25-28 Spider – $85


    • 5700 standard cassette 11-28 = 250g
    • 6700 standard cassette 11-28 = 234g
    • 5700 with HOUP = 237g
    • 6700 with HOUP = 229g
    • 5700 with HOUP Ti = 195g
    • 6700 with HOUP Ti = 192g
    • for reference a Dura Ace 7900 10 Speed cassette is 188g
      (105 cassette plus HOUP Ti just 7g off – but affordable.)


    Will work with the following cassettes:

    • Shimano 5700
    • Shimano 6700
    • Shimano 6800

    HOUP = Halo Of Ultimate Protection*
    *Not to be used for ‘non-bike’ related activities.