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    Cyclocross Cassettes

    Our cyclocross cassette system is easily the least expensive and most effective method to provide extra protection to your drivetrain from the mud.  We simply allow you to remove the 11T cog from your cassette (you really don’t need it unless you are running a 1X) and replace it with a custom machined spacer behind your largest cog.  The result is a more resilient, lighter, less complicated setup with extra space between your derailleur and spokes and also room for your chain to drop without gouging your spokes should it come off.

    Basically, less days like this: View Photos of Derailleur Failures

    • Custom machined cassette spacers designed specifically for purpose. 10 and 11 speed versions available.
    • 10 Speed Version compatible with Shimano 5700 and 6700 Cassettes.
    • 11 Speed version compatible with Shimano 5800 and 6800 Cassettes.
    • Includes aluminum lockring to accommodate either 12T or 13T.
    • Titanium options includes replacement 3 ring spider with titanium cogs: 10 Speed – 21-24-27T, 11 Speed – 23-25-28

    DSC_0002b_burned  DSC_0027 (Large)b_burned

    Titanium Upgrade Option

    HOUP‘s are super affordable (we think the best $20 you can spend on your cyclocross bike) but if you want to go a little further with your bike spec then drop some weight from your cassette with one of our titanium 3-ring replacement cog sets.  Simply install in place of existing cogs for a fraction of the cost of a top level Dura-ace model for most all the weight savings.


    Simply place HOUP behind existing cassette. Remove existing lock ring and 11T cog and then secure cassette with provided alloy 12/13T lockring. Adjust derailleur limit screw to ensure chain now only moves as far as needed to reach lowest gear.


    • HOUP 10 Speed Spacer – $20
    • HOUP 11 Speed Spacer – $20
    • HOUP 10 Speed spacer with Ti 21-24-27 Spider – $85
    • HOUP 11 Speed spacer with Ti 23-25-28 Spider – $85


    • 5700 standard cassette 11-28 = 250g
    • 6700 standard cassette 11-28 = 234g
    • 5700 with HOUP = 237g
    • 6700 with HOUP = 229g
    • 5700 with HOUP Ti = 195g
    • 6700 with HOUP Ti = 192g
    • for reference a Dura Ace 7900 10 Speed cassette is 188g
      (105 cassette plus HOUP Ti just 7g off – but affordable.)


    Will work with the following cassettes:

    • Shimano 5700
    • Shimano 5800
    • Shimano 6700
    • Shimano 6800

    HOUP = Halo Of Ultimate Protection*
    *Not to be used for ‘non-bike’ related activities.